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Buurtzorg repository of resources

Want to learn about Buurtzorg? Explore the case studies and research in our repository of resources:

Buurtzorg Tests in Scotland

Jos de Blok and the revolutionary homecare company Buurtzorg – Boss Level podcast

Nursing has got stuck in ‘the system’, so let’s CHANGE THE SYSTEM! – Article by Jos de Blok for the Journal of research in Nursing

Healthcare: Humanity above bureaucracy – Jos de Blok – Ted X Geneva

Buurtzorg | About us

How to build bureaucracy-free health services in the UK: learning from Buurtzorg July 2015

Common Wealth Fund – Home Care by Self-Governing Nursing Teams: The Netherlands’ Buurtzorg Model 2015

Going Dutch – NHS Employers blog on Buurtzorg and Public World Oct 2015

RCN Policy and International Department Policy Briefing The Buurtzorg Nederland (home care provider) model Observations for the United Kingdom (UK) March 2015

Buurtzorg nurse Riekje writes about setting up a new District Nursing service in Amsterdam

The Queens Nursing Institute Buurtzorg, what’s it all about?

Humanity above bureaucracy – Jos de Bloc speaking at the RSA 2014

Buurtzorg in Scotland, Resolis Associates, June 2015

Jos de Blok presentation to Japan 2013

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