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Social care demands so much more than funding

8/6/17: During the UK general election citizens rather than politicians have shown the spirit of social care

The vocation of nursing

5/6/17: In the aftermath of tragic events in Manchester and London, Julie Porter reflects on what is so special about nursing.

Bringing Buurtzorg to Wales

4/5/17: Hundreds of nurses and NHS managers gave a resounding 'thumbs up' when asked if they would like us to bring Buurtzorg to Wales.

Beyond the Self Management Hype

7/3/17: Richard Wilson blogs about his conversation with Brendan on the introduction of Buurtzorg to the UK.

Buurtzorg repository of resources

9/9/16: Want to learn about Buurtzorg? Explore the case studies and research in our repository of resources:

Person centred care—from rhetoric to reality

20/6/16: As NHS leaders hear they will have to manage without more money, Buurtzorg demonstrates integration led by front-line staff...

Growing Old Together—the challenge facing us all

17/2/16: A recent report from the NHS Confederation adds to the growing evidence that radical change is needed

Relieving the ‘stress and strain’ in social care

12/8/15: Care certificate for front line staff will not mend a broken system

Don’t say it if you don’t mean it! Guest blogger Jacqui Francis writes on NHS race (in)equality

22/6/15: "If you say you are committed, why not try the Neil Armstrong approach - one small step."

Collaboration for radical change in public services and international development

14/6/15: Rooting new kinds of public service in new kinds of relationships

Creative leadership through tough times

19/5/15: As the gap between resource supply and service demand widens, Brendan Martin reflects on what makes good leadership

Living wage is just the start in valuing home care workers

11/5/15: Paying a living wage to home care workers is a step in the right direction but not enough to transform the service

Co-production demands radical rethinking of the health and social care workforce

29/4/15: Adult Community Services at Guy's and St Thomas's NHS Foundation Trust are showing the way in co-production

Do Fairtrade employers pay fair wages? The evidence suggests they do not.

23/3/15: Assumptions that wage workers employed by Fairtrade employers benefit from the scheme are false, research shows.

Learning from Francis: Culture change and staff involvement in the NHS

12/2/15: Promises to protect whistleblowers are welcome but the culture change needed to realise the Francis vision demands much more

Race in the workplace: a barometer of organisational health

23/1/15: The NHS Providers report Leading by Example marks an important change of approach to tackling racial discrimination

Is obesity a disability? A top employment lawyer explains a new European court ruling

19/12/14: A new court ruling, binding on all European Union states, establishes that obesity can be a disability, whatever its cause

Keeping older people healthy and well at home—collaboration is key

12/12/14: Integrated health and social care means reimagining home care services and much wider and more systematic local collaboration

WHOSE BIASES COUNT? Steve Commins on the new World Development Report

5/12/14: How do social norms and mental models shape individual and collection action, and what does that mean for policy and practice?

Integrated community services demands co-design of relationship-based home care

2/12/14: Jeremy Hunt is promising more nurses and less competition in community services. He's right -- and here's how it can deliver

The NHS Five Year Forward View: where are home care providers and their staff?

23/10/14: There is so much promise in NHS England's Five Year Forward View. Home care services could hold the key to making it a reality

Staff wellbeing and engagement will make or break NHS England’s Five Year Forward View

20/10/14: If NHS staff are to lead the battle against obesity it is time to focus on improving their own wellbeing and engagement

Yes, depression is an illness, but prevention is better and cheaper than treatment

13/8/14: The renewed focus on mental illness after the death of Robin Williams has both positive and negative features.

Improving staff engagement does not require employee ownership of the NHS

15/7/14: Mixing up evidence about staff engagement in the NHS with employee ownership in private companies is unhelpful.

[R]evolution Road – travelling the terrains of creativity, power and love

11/7/14: "Everybody’s stories are heavily entwined with the oppressive cultural norms many of us say we are trying to dismantle."

The ups and downs of self-employment

29/5/14: Two recent reports show that there are both positive and negative drivers and effects of increasing self-employment

Are private investors the best people to decide development priorities in poor countries?

22/5/14: Development Impact Bonds were supposed to be the next big thing. But do they give power to the right people?

Outsourcing and privatisation: time for a more thoughtful debate

15/4/14: The ideological debate about privatisation and outsourcing obscures the real lessons of experience

The snowy white peaks of the NHS: time to end the denial

11/4/14: Black and minority ethnic people are seriously under-represented in the NHS leadership, and that matters to us all

Productivity in social care services: innovating for better jobs, service and resource use

8/4/14: Britain's coalition government wants to drive up productivity in social care. It can be done, and it needn't be nasty.

Enough anti-PC jokes: women who are black, LGBT or have a disability are bullied more.

2/4/14: A new report shows that more than half of British women surveyed have suffered recent bullying -- and for minorities it's worse.

Death on the roads is an epidemic: better jobs for transport workers is part of the cure.

31/3/14: As long as working people are seen as a cost to development rather than its agents there will be no holistic policy.

Will payment-by-results (PbR) scupper Development Impact Bonds?

27/3/14: Six months after the launch of the Development Impact Bonds idea there are still none in operation.

999 for the ambulance service?

26/3/14: The NHS staff survey shows especially low morale in the ambulance service. What can be done about it?

How to make every day NHS Change Day

28/2/14: If NHS staff were more systematically involved in planning and implementing decisions every day would be NHS Change Day

One year on from Francis: how much has changed in the NHS?

4/2/14: The challenge of making the cultural changes demanded by the Francis Report remain, but we now know more about how to do it.

Big Society and fractured organisations—is HR part of the problem?

31/1/14: As organisations fragment, the social cost is externalised. Can 'Big Society' really solve the resulting problems?

Caroline Lucas MP is wrong: the Public Service Users Bill is a bad idea

22/1/14: Just when the case for privatisation and outsourcing has never been so weak let's get the public ownership message right

This might hurt a bit: staff engagement and care standards in the NHS

15/1/14: An important new report from the Point of Care foundations highlights that better healthcare requires better staff engagement

Beyond Jobs: what if employment policy caught up with labour market reality?

13/1/14: Wingham Rowan calls for government to adapt their policy response to the reality that jobs for life have gone for good

Why should a junior lawyer earn more than a train driver?

8/1/14: Lawyers fighting legal aid cuts undermine their argument with spurious claims about relative merit

Safe staffing and skill mix: a hot topic for the NHS in 2014

12/12/13: The NICE review of safe staffing levels must be genuinely based on evidence and consultation, as Robert Francis recommended

Home care of older people: the revolution has started!

25/11/13: Three big steps in the last week could mean the beginning of the end for the current model of home care in Britain

Think big, act small: Roberto Unger’s vision and piecemeal change

15/11/13: We need big thinking but to combine innovation with democratic accountability in public services we also need to think small

Fixing the gender jobs split: are we starting from the right end?

7/11/13: A new TUC report shows occupational segmentation is more gendered now than 20 years ago. What can be done?

Why we need Radical Resilience at work

6/11/13: On National Stress Awareness Day, Surviving Work founder Elizabeth Cotton outlines her vision of Radical Resilience

Inspection doesn’t work! NHS needs TQM not CQC, writes Roy Lilley

26/10/13: It's time to learn that the NHS needs total quality management, says leading healthcare commentator Roy Lilley.

No such thing as ‘the German model’: principles are universal, but routes must vary.

21/10/13: Employee representation on company boards is a vital form of worker voice but the route to workplace democracy must vary.

Mobilising informal economy workers for urban resilience

15/10/13: Workers in the informal economy and slum dwellers can be active and organised contributors to raising the triple bottom line

Could we have a sane railway system, please?

25/9/13: Britain's fragmented railway combines the worst caricatures of public and private. What we need is the best qualities of both.

The ambulance service: what about the workers?

12/9/13: The NHS staff survey reveals strong evidence of dissastifaction among ambulance staff. What is being done about it?

Why NHS staff involvement is essential to improving care

9/9/13: A new survey has shown shocking -- but far from surprising -- evidence that the voices of NHS staff must be heard more clearly

Should health care assistants be less regulated than vets?

20/8/13: As Francis showed, when hospitals are under pressure to cut budgets there is a strong temptation to get the skills mix wrong.

Would closing ticket offices improve London Underground?

19/8/13: New technology linked to innovation in working practices could improve services -- but only if staff and passengers are engaged.

Employ enough trained staff and engage with them better: key lessons of the Keogh Review

17/7/13: The real lessons about how the NHS can improve are being lost in the political ping pong

The NHS can learn from aviation—but not from Ryanair

2/7/13: Aviation safety depends on getting 'human factors' right. That requires an open and just culture. The NHS needs the same.

Doing Business as usual? Not if the World Bank listens to Trevor Manuel

24/6/13: A review panel chaired by the South African planning minister is highly critical of the World Bank's Doing Business report

Bullying part II: Speaking truth to power is good (but may be dangerous in the NHS)

14/6/13: This is Part 2 of a blog entitled “Bullying: the silent epidemic in the NHS"

The B Team say they want to change the world. Great, but don’t let them rule it.

14/6/13: Equating people and profit makes no sense. Sustainability means deciding which is the master and which the servant.

We need to talk about this: racial discrimination in NHS recruitment

3/6/13: Our new research report raises big questions that suggest racial discrimination in NHS recruitment. This simply has to stop.

Freedom and security at work: can we have both?

3/6/13: We need to find ways to offer employed people more of the benefits of freelancing -- and vice versa.

The climate of fear in Britain’s public sector—and how to change it

20/5/13: British public sector workers are more fearful than ever -- except where change is managed with staff involvement.

Bullying: the silent epidemic in the NHS

15/5/13: In the first part of a series on bullying in the NHS, Roger Kline looks at the scale of the problem and how it has grown.

The NHS tops the league table for workplace stress. Staff and patients deserve better.

2/5/13: The NHS is suffering a stress epidemic. Tackling that problem should be at the heart of efforts to improve patient care.

NHS staff need support to raise concerns about care standards. Our new handbook can help.

23/4/13: NHS staff need practical advice about how to raise and pursue concerns about safety and standards: here it is!

How a social carer was “God’s gift” to Margaret Thatcher

11/4/13: Margaret Thatcher's carer kept the former British PM's mind going. Shouldn't all older people be entitled to that support?

Never again? Roger Kline argues that Jeremy Hunt’s response to the Francis Report is inadequate.

8/4/13: Is the government serious about learning from Mid Staffs? Judging by its response to Francis, it doesn't look like it.

Are charities and their funders fair to interns?

4/4/13: The Institute of Fundraising aims to influence government charity policy. Here's our idea: pay your interns!

Unions and the precariat: Guy Standing replies to Elizabeth Cotton

27/3/13: Unions must transform themselves radically to relate to the insecurities, needs and aspirations of those in the precariat.

What David Cameron’s new patient safety tsar said five years ago. You might be surprised.

27/3/13: The British government has appointed Don Berwick to advise on patient safety. Did they realise what he stands for?

Social enterprise working for democracy and humanitarian relief

13/3/13: Born out of political violence in Kenya, Nairobi-based social enterprise Ushahidi has developed its mapping work internationally

Why does the UN think young professionals should not be paid?

12/3/13: Shouldn't the United Nations be setting a good global example about justice for young workers? So why no pay for its "interns"?

In defence of constructive criticism of the National Health Service

11/3/13: What kind of leadership does the NHS need? A former Health Secretary and a doctor point the way.

Go West to save and improve the NHS

1/3/13: While the government takes steps to privatise the NHS, an inspiring lecture from Professor Michael West showed how to improve it

The catastrophe of precarious work: Elizabeth Cotton challenges Guy Standing

21/2/13: The idea that the 'precariat' is a new class is an obstacle not only to understanding but also to organisation

Defensive denial won’t save the NHS—Roger Kline’s blog

19/2/13: NHS staff feel under attack, but if they take it out on campaigners for better services we will all be losers

Fixing capitalism means fixing the firm - Brendan Martin’s blog

14/2/13: A stimulating Valentine's Day message from an Oxford management professor sets a challenge to left and right.

Francis: good in parts, but be careful what you wish for

6/2/13: The public inquiry into the Mid Staffs scandal showed the need for culture change -- but will the report deliver it?

London Underground at 150: the best and worst of public-private partnerships

10/1/13: The 150-year history of the world's first underground railway parallels that of the changing meaning of 'public service'.

How do labour markets adjust to economic crises?

13/12/12: The economic crisis has caused both job losses and wage reductions among both formally and informally employed workers

Sustainable Development Goals: is this the post-2015 agenda?

10/12/12: Jeff Sachs says global institutions should set goals that link economic, social and environmental sustainability. Is he right?

Britain’s school reforms are leaving vulnerable children in the shadows

5/12/12: Privatisation and deregulation of Britain's schools is leading to a growing number of children losing education and protection.

Why is NHS staffing black at the bottom and white at the top?

30/11/12: Recent data from the new NHS Commissioning Board show that white applicants to its positions are far more likely to succeed

Workplace bullying in health and social care: bad for staff, worse for the people they serve

22/11/12: In this Anti-Bullying Week, let's remember that staff are not the only victims

‘Employee engagement’: control or empowerment?

15/11/12: Britain's NHS Employers support the government-backed Engage for Success. But what do they mean by 'employee engagement'?

Quality Public Transport: key to urban sustainability

14/11/12: Ford led the private transport revolution in the 20th Century. Will it really lead a public transport revolution in the 21st?

The care worker philanthropists who each give us £100,000

9/11/12: If every care worker received the living wage the implications for public finance and services would be truly radical

Jobs, growth and the private sector: beware the false syllogism

6/11/12: Just because the private sector creates most jobs doesn't mean that if the private sector grows good jobs will follow.

Whistleblowing: publicly encouraged but still dangerous

29/10/12: With the BBC Panorama programme today exposing yet another mistreatment scandal, we ask: why is whistleblowing still so risky?

The World Bank: facing both ways on labour market regulation

24/10/12: The 2013 Doing Business Report says less regulation means more jobs, contradicting the 2013 World Development Report!

Circle Health: bringing social enterprise into disrepute?

22/10/12: Less than a year after its takeover of Hinchingbrooke health trust, falling performance and staff cuts are bad signs.

Health care professionals kept quiet about Jimmy Savile: why didn’t they speak out?

12/10/12: Sexual abuse allegations against the late BBC presenter have not shocked all nurses. So why didn't anyone whistleblow?

How do power relations affect job creation?

8/10/12: Former World Bank staffer Steve Commins argues for more political economy analysis about winners and losers in job creation

The price of misplaced loyalty

5/10/12: Britain's NHS is often not a safe place to raise concerns about patient care or poor practice or financial skulduggery

Jobs and development: the World Bank’s new message

2/10/12: The World Bank published its 2013 World Development Report, on Jobs, on 1st October. Here we have our say and invite yours.

Paternal leave for child care: how much has changed in 25 years?

19/9/12: A quarter of a century after I went part-time to care for my young children, why is it still exceptional for men to do that?