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Jobs and development: the World Bank’s new message

Brendan Martin, 2 October 2012

The World Bank's annual flagship publication, the World Development Report (WDR), this year focuses on jobs. Published this week in Washington DC, it says that jobs are the cornerstone of development and that 600 new jobs needed.

In his foreword to the WDR, Jim Yong Kim, who took over as World Bank president in July, writes: “The problem for most poor people in (developing) countries is not the lack of a job or too few hours of work; many hold more than one job and work long hours. Yet, too often, they are not earning enough to secure a better future for themselves and their children, and at times they are working in unsafe conditions and without the protection of their basic rights.”

So how will those 600m new jobs be created, and how to make sure they are good jobs?

You can download our initial commentary on the WDR overview here. And tell us what you think below.

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