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How to introduce the Buurtzorg model of care at home to the UK

23/7/15: Buurtzorg founder Jos de Blok was joined by Howard Catton of RCN, Caroline Alexander of NHS England and Colin Angell of UKHCA

GOODSHIP: What does quality employment at sea look like?

22/4/15: Public World's new project to improve seafarers' welfare

Race and organisational culture in the NHS

14/1/15: Public World services to support the NHS in creating organisational cultures that value autonomy, dignity and pluralism

New project to support diversity and equality agenda in England’s National Health Service

10/10/14: Public World is conducting a survey on behalf of the NHS Leadership Academy and the Foundation Trust Network

The Best Workplace: improving jobs and services

27/3/13: How can employee involvement contribute to better standards, resource use and job satisfaction in the NHS?

Sustainable Cities & the future of work

15/5/12: If you are interested in how cities can grow in ways that provide livelihoods for all, don’t miss this important online debate.

Democratic health care services need transparency

10/5/12: The British government refuses to publish its own risk assessment of its health care reforms. What is it determined to hide?

Global jobs crisis growing: ILO’s stark message

1/5/12: Austerity is destroying jobs and cutting labour standards won't create them. The ILO says it's time for a new strategy.

Interns: the ethical dilemmas

27/4/12: Are you sure your organisation's intern policy is ethical? Our report will help you to ask the right questions.

Closing the sanitation gap

12/3/12: World Water Day in March celebrated progress towards drinking water for all. But what about closing the 'sanitation gap'?

The role of jobs in development

13/12/11: The World Bank's 2013 World Development Report will be about jobs. What will it say, and whose voices will influence it?

Ethics and Interns

7/11/11: Social enterprises, charities and NGOs should employ interns fairly. But do they? We decided to find out more -- and we did!

Decent work for all: time for a new approach?

6/10/11: October 7 marked World Day for Decent Work. How close are global unions to that goal? And how could they make faster progress?

Has the World Bank improved its ‘Employing Workers’ indicator?

18/8/11: Just because policy making is 'evidence-based' doesn't mean it isn't shaped by ideology or interests. Conor Cradden reports.

Promoting quality public transport in the world’s growing cities

27/7/11: Sustainable cities need safer, cleaner and more affordable services -- and transport workers are at the heart of that challenge

Home care in England denies older people their human rights

20/6/11: Britain's Equality and Human Rights Commission has revealed a systemic scandal.

UN Decade of Action for Road Safety

21/7/10: Road crashes kill more people than malaria, and Wednesday 11 May marks the launch of a global campaign to reduce them.

Working for decent development

21/7/10: Public World is working with global union federations to strengthen their affiliates' capacity to deal with World Bank projects.