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Sustainable Cities & the future of work

News, 15 May 2012

Urban agriculture can "create jobs by recycling wastes to compost and other useful materials", says Mekonen Wube Ermed, of the Addis Ababa Housing Development Office.

Young people should grow up learning that being an artist, a plumber or a butcher is no less valuable than being a doctor or a lawyer, says Youth Initiatives Kenya.

They are among more than 500 contributions to an online debate organised by UN Habitat as part of the run-up to the World Urban Forum, which takes place in Napoli, Italy, in September.

The debate is organised in four dialogues. Public World's Steve Miller is moderating the Productive Cities dialogue, which produced the comments quoted above and many more.

The other dialogues focus on Urban Planning, Equity and Prosperity of Cities, and Sustainable Cities (energy and mobility).

With nearly two weeks to go, more than 100 topics have already been raised, and a Google Translate facility provides access to all of the comments in more than 50 languages.

To see all the postings and join the debate yourself, go here to register.

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