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The role of jobs in development

News, 13 December 2011

The World Development Report is the World Bank’s flagship annual publication, and the 2013 edition, in production now, has the simple working title Jobs. The Bank has published an outline, which states unequivocally: “Jobs are the cornerstone of economic and social development.” But will the report live up to that promise when it is published in October 2012? And if so, how?

Dena Ringold, one of the report’s 15-strong production team -- a core team of seven plus eight ‘research analysts’ -- was in London earlier this month and gave a presentation based on the 48-page outline of the report. The outline is now available online at the WDR 2013 website, which has recently gone live.

Public World's Brendan Martin took part in the discussion with Dena Ringold. You can download his preliminary commentary about the report outline, and his argument about why the report would benefit from independently moderated public discussion.

OxfamGB's Duncan Green was also at the meeting -- read his blog here.

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