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UN Decade of Action for Road Safety

News, 21 July 2010

The United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety launched on 11 May, 2011. Public World is working with partners to focus on one of the more neglected aspects of the challenge -- the role of casual employment and poor quality jobs in making professional drivers dangerous to themselves and other road users.

Road crashes have reached epidemic proportions -- they are the number one killer of young people worldwide. Already more people die on the world's roads each year than die of malaria -- and, as with that disease, the poorer you are, the more likely you are to be a victim. Fifty million people a year are injured in road crashes, and 90 per cent of those casualities are in developing countries, where the health care system is less able than in richer countries to cope with them.

Professional drivers are often the victims of these crashes, and often too their behaviour causes them. But what causes their behaviour? That is the question Public World is addressing, and our research so far suggests that the terms of their employment and the way their work is organised are important factors. These in turn are affected by the extent to which they can organise and work with employers to improve their working conditions.

For more information about Public World's developing work on road safety and work organisation, please email For more information about the Decade of Action, please visit our friends at Make Roads Safe.

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