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Julie Porter

Julie says:

“Real change happens at a cultural level: our values and behaviour as people and as a society define the possibilities and limits of politics, and I’m interested in promoting this kind of change.” 

Julie is an experienced contributor to Public World's consultancy and research who helped catalyse our work on adult health and social care. She was heavily involved in the initial concept development and research that led to Public World establishing a relationship with Buurtzorg in the Netherlands, and in 2016 she joined our team promoting and supporting Buurtzorg in the UK.

Julie led the team of Public World's Quality Public Transport project, which investigated the social and employment impacts of bus rapid transit (BRT) in Colombia and India. Fluent in Spanish, she conducted primary research with transport workers and users in Bogotá. Before joining the Buurtzorg team, Julie coordinated a project for labour standards organisation Bananalink in the context of its participation in the UN FAO World Banana Forum - a multi-stakeholder initiative where workers representatives and small holders sit at the table with multinational fruit importers and leading supermarkets in the difficult dialogue to improve labour and environmental standards in the industry.

Having graduated with a first class honours degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Manchester, Julie specialises in qualitative research and is an experienced project manager. The motivation that drives much of her work is a commitment to the value of the experience and knowledge of the front line workforce, and a desire to support these voices to be heard and to influence service provision. Julie has a particular interest in collaborative ways of working and mutual organisation structures, and she regularly provides facilitation and organisational support to a small housing cooperative in south London.

Previous clients and former employers include Future of London, Consumer Focus, the London Sustainability Exchange, Growing Communities, War on Want, the Central America Women’s Network and Comic Relief.

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