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Veena Vasista

Veena says:

"I work with changemakers of all sectors to help them step consciously into their creative power. In any community/team/organisation, the journey begins with people taking time out to build relationships…We do this by listening to each other’s stories to learn about what’s alive in each other, what we have in common, the future we want to create, and how we might create together.”

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Veena Vasista's key role in our staff involvement and organisational development offerings is to support leadership for cultural change, through:

  •     one-to-one sessions - to help you work with conflict and/or expand your creativity and confidence with a project, an issue, a professional relationship;
  •     be-spoke group workshops - to help towards opening up perspectives on a particular issue;
  •     narrative mapping - to strengthen the foundation for your journey into the world of meaningful culture change, using a distinct form of individual and group sessions.

As a writer, storyteller, mediator, dialogue facilitator and leadership coach, Veena has specialist expertise in handling situations involving conflict, emotive/sensitive issues, and ethical dilemmas. Her success stems from her highly developed skills in active-listening, mediating, facilitating, discursive thinking, and coaching, as well as accessible and engaging writing.

Veena has worked with a wide spectrum of individuals, organisations and sectors -- from local community activists to FTSE 100 CEOs -- and her various roles have included:

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Runnymede Trust, Veena’s consultancy clients have included the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the Migrant Rights Network, Common Ground (a East London community mediation service) , and the national activist-support organisation, Praxis Project (USA).

In these roles, Veena has established and directed national social policy commissions, working groups and research projects, developed activist networks, and designed and facilitated events involving historical adversaries.

Her 20 years of experience in social justice campaigning and social policy research development have led her to place particular value on awareness and communication – two areas in which, she believes, people often are lacking the necessary skills and confidence to forge creative and collaborative working relationships.

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