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European Federation of Public Service Unions

The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) links more than 200 unions with a combined membership of around eight million workers.

Privatisation and other kinds of restructuring of both national and local government services have affected EPSU’s membership greatly over the past two decades and its affiliated unions have also responded in a wide variety of ways.

Our first project with EPSU looked at local government services, and showed the great results produced by involving workers and their unions in the design and implementation of reforms to improve efficiency and service quality. With case studies that included health care services in Denmark, water and sanitation in Sweden and one-stop municipal shops in Germany, we showed that modernising services could be done in ways that benefit employees and other citizens alike.

EPSU then commissioned Public World to study modernisation of national administrations, in partnership with the University of Cranfield Business School. Our report, including detailed case studies from seven countries, dealt with impacts on employment, remuneration, conditions of employment, ethical frameworks, equal opportunities (race and gender dimensions), and career development.

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