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Following the election of South Africa’s government of national unity, after the apartheid regime was brought down, Public World worked with Naledi, the research and development arm of the Congress of South African Trades Unions (COSATU), to help develop union strategies about transforming the public sector from a tool of racist privilege into a force to bring vital services to all.

This led to a commission from the government to work with the unions, other civil society organisations and business associations to develop a regulatory framework for public-private partnerships (PPPs) at municipal level, in partnership with government.

Working with the Department for Constitutional Development, as it then was, we held workshops and meetings with a broad range of stakeholders and produced a draft policy document for Cabinet.

The process fed into the Municipal Finance Management Act, which sets out the rules for PPPs in local government, including requirements to take into account the impact on public sector employment and retrenchment costs.

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