Our work

We explore new ways of tackling difficult problems, facilitate dialogue about them and help our clients co-create solutions.

We support the development of self-organising teams and better staff involvement to create learning organisations.

We provide solution-focused support to improve working lives, service quality and productivity.


Our blended learning and development programmes combine on-demand e-learning with workshops for your client-facing professionals, support workers and leadership teams. Some of the topics covered in our programmes, such as how to run efficient solution-focused meetings, are also available as single courses. Our first two programmes, Basics of self-organisation and Self-organised teamwork, are available now and later in 2024 we will be launching two new programmes on Supporting self-organising teams and Connecting communities.


We help leaders and managers understand how the operational practices at all levels of their organisations align (or not!) with their purpose, and to identify and make changes needed to enable and support self-organised teamwork. This includes working with them to develop a framework of ground rules, reflecting their purpose and service-related and behavioural standards, to define the boundaries within which teams can creatively self-organise.


Our coaching support helps teams find their own solutions to the challenges they face and helps their organisational leaders and managers to take a consistent approach to enabling and supporting them within the framework. We also coach leaders and managers to help them sustain their support for self-organised team work and respond to challenges as they arise in ways that continue to build trust while safeguarding standards.


The Transforming Integrated Care in the Community (TICC) project secured more than €4.8 million of European funding in an €8 million cross-border partnership involving 14 organisations from the UK, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. Learn more.

Learning with Buurtzorg

From 2017 to 2023 we traded as Buurtzorg Britain & Ireland, supporting 40+ health and care organisations to make change inspired by the Buurtzorg model. Buurtzorg, the Dutch provider of health and social care at home, has grown from one self-organised team at start-up in 2007 to more than 950 teams and 15,000 staff today.

Lifebook Project / Sitekit Partnership

Lifebook Pro is a partnership between Public World and Sitekit, combining our expertise and track records of supporting innovation for great services and jobs and productive resource use. The aim of this project is to enable and support a new model of person-centred, place-based care to improve wellbeing and strengthen communities.